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Russell's Pallets is family owned and operated.  We are located in Cleveland, Ohio.  We have been doing business in the area for many years.  We provide our business partners with the best quality pallets.  We are committed to providing excellent customer service.


We provide new, custom, remanufactured and recycled pallets.  We are mindful of our environment and take pride in our serious efforts to recycle.  We work hard to ensure that wood scraps are recycled by turning all wooden waste into mulch.


We offer a full range of pallet services to meet your needs.  We deliver and pick up pallets by the truck load.  We can deliver orders of 300 plus or we can tailor the order, and deliver less than 100 pallets.


We will deliver and/or pickup pallets based on your companies specific needs.

Affordable Prices -Excellent Service

Russell's Pallets

Trustworthy, Reliable & Committed to Excellence


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