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New Pallets
Remanufactured/Recycled Pallets
Customized Pallets

RP has been offering remanufactured/recycled pallets since 2009, which allows us industry knowledge that promotes and fosters excellent customer relations.


We strictly adhere to the industry specifications for used pallets.  We provide effective and efficient production capabilities and we pride ourselves with being able to provide a cost effective solution to our customers. 


RP offers a recycling program to our customers; working with them to reduce the number of new pallets required to replenish their stock and to deliver overall savings.

Custom Pallets can be created based on our customer’s specification.  We provide quality, wood pallets at a cost effective price.  We can and will fulfill your request. Contact us regarding your pallet needs.

We create new pallets.  Contact us with your pallet order and we'll let our work and service tell the story.  We look forward to handling all your pallet needs.

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Russell's Pallets

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